Time Kontact IDD Card


Time Kontact Prepaid IDD Calling Card is a convenient prepaid IDD calling card for making cashless calls at discounted rates to anywhere in the world. Calls can also be made from either mobile phones or fixed line phones.

Available in denominations of RM30, Time Kontact is the clear choice in prepaid IDD calling cards, with features such as merging of card values, redialling, sequence calling and a choice of prompts in three different languages!

Product Code

Product Code
Air Time Value
Validity Period
Time Kontact 30
6 months

Features & Functions

  • Function: Direct Dial
  • Use at Uniphone's Public Phone & Fixed Line.
  • Dial: Chinese: 1800 18 2662, English: 1800 18 2661, Malay: 1800 18 2660
  • Customer Service Number: 1300 82 0120
  • http://www.time.com.my

How To Order Prepaid Card Reload Coupon?
Send SMS: Ord*Password*Product Code
Then Send To: 012-8960222, 016-8953222, 0198981222