SuperVoice Agent


Advantages To Join SuperVoice Agent
24 Hour can help your customer to open new account & top up.

SuperVoice Agent Sales Commission

  • 18% Of Your Sales For Direct Sell SuperVoice To Customer
  • 13% Of Top Up If You Help Other SuperVoice Agent's Customer Top Up
  • 5% Of Your Customer Top Up Through Another SuperVoice Agent

How To Join As SuperVoice Agent?
Top Up Price Range For SuperVoice Agent:
RM 100 nett, RM 200 nett, RM 300 nett, RM 400 nett, RM 500 nett.

SMS Command:

To Register New SuperVoice Agent Account By Using SuperLink Account
REGAG,Mobile-Number,Amount,Language ( E=English, C=Chinese, M=Malay )
Eg: REGAG,0121234567,100,E
Send To: 012-8943111, 016-8584111, 019-8367111

Payment Method: Auto Debit Your SuperLink Account
Loyalty Fee Pay To SuperLink For Every RM 100, You Will Be Charge RM 108 (8%)
Example: Your Account Will Direct Debit RM 108, For Every RM 100 Top Up

How To Open New SuperVoice Account?
RLD,Mobile-Number,Amount, Language ( E=English, C=Chinese, M=Malay )
Eg: RLD,0121234567,20,E
Send To: 012-3451207
Payment Method: Auto Debit Your SuperVoice Account

How To Top Up Or Transfer SuperVoice AirTime To Other User Account?
Eg: RLD,0121234567,30
Send To: 012-3451207
Payment Method: Auto Debit Your SuperVoice Account
Top Up Air Time: Free
Share Air Time: Surcharge RM 0.30

How To Make The Call?
Call From Fix Line: 1800 87 9009
Call From Mobile Phone Using Call Back: 1800 68 2053, 03-29350559, 03-27829277

Step By Step Call:
After Dial 03-29350559, wait for SuperVoice center call back, then answer the phone, dial the destination number then press #

Local Access Number
Bk Tinggi

How To Claim SuperVoice Agent Commission?
SMS Command: TRC2E,(Telephone no of SuperVoice Agent),(Amount)

If I want to claim the commission to RM500 SuperVoice Airtime.
Example TRC2E,0194671111,500
Then Send To : 012-3451207

Note: Must Transfer commission to 019-4671111 to claim the
commission either by cash or SuperVoice air time.

Other Useful Tips For SuperVoice
Check balance:
Send SMS: B
To 012-3451207