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Sifu Koh, well-known FENG SHUI MASTER can give you some recommendations personally.

Simply SMS your personal details to 62123 (Maxis-012 & 017 and DiGi-016) or 019-2412269 (Celcom-013 & 019). After subscription, a pre-recorded Sifu Koh's voice message will ring up to your registered phone number.

How to Subscribe:

Eg. If you are male (M) who was born on 4th May 1978 at 23:38 (24 hours format). Then please key in as follow...


Go to write message
Key in :
birth time<space>email address
Send to 62123 (Maxis-012 & 017 and DiGi-016)
Send to 019-2412269 (Celcom-013 & 019)

***Each SMS request costs RM5.00 and will be deducted from
your Njoy Airtime.

How to subscribe this service if I am not a RedTone user?

1. Order RedTone Prepaid Card
SMS: ord*4 digit password*product code
Example: ord*2828*RNJ*10

2. Register Your Mobile Number As RedTone User
Call: 03-76289888
The RedTone Call Center Will Call You Back: Then Key < *Pin > Press < # >

3. Now, you can subscribe sifu by following the above instruction.

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