Ring Ring Card  

Ring Ring Card is a prepaid calling card for making local, national and international calls. Just use any touch tone phones or Telekom Malaysia's payphones. You don't even need to swipe or insert your card in the payphone, just key- in your card number.

Ring Ring Card also gives you the ease of calling Malaysia from abroad by using Malaysia Direct service and enjoys normal telephone charges.

How to Use:

  • To make a call, just dial the access code number - 1099 or 1800 88 1099
  • Select your language - Bahasa Malaysia, English or Mandarin
  • Key in your 12 digit card number
  • Select your destination to make call

You will be prompted by the simple instructions to guide you for making calls.

Product Features
a. Domestic and IDD calls
b. Malaysia Direct Call
c. Multiple language
d. 12 digit card numbers
e. Card serial number
f. Expiry date
g. Balance announcement
h. Card combination function
i. Follow-on calls
j. Speed activation - can punch the next key without need to wait for next prompt

Ring Ring Card can be used from Telekom's touch-tone and public phones. You could use the telephone in your friend's home, office, hotel or just about anyone's phone. The charges are deducted from the cards accordingly. (Please check with your mobile phone operator for charges, if any).
Another benefit is that you do no have to worry about foreign currency and operators when calling from overseas. You can also save on hotel surcharges and enjoy the same IDD rate as in Malaysia. (Check with your hotel before making calls).

There is no subscription or deposit involved to get this card. It is prepaid. Just buy it and use it !

Types of Call Full Rate Reduced Rate
Local Call 10 sen for the first 2 minutes  
  5 sen for additional minutes  
<50 km
40 sec/10 sen
50 sec/10 sen
50 km<distance<150 km
20 sec/10sen
40 sec/10 sen
> 150 km
12 sec/10 sen
24 sec/10 sen
Call to mobile (Same Area)
15 sec/10 sen
30 sec/10 sen
Call to mobile (Adjacent Area)
12 sec/10 sen
24 sec/10 sen
Call to mobile (Non Adjacent Area)
10 sec/10 sen
20 sec/10 sen
Sabah/ Sarawak to Singapore
12 sec/10 sen
12 sec/10 sen
Semenanjung to Singapore 12 sec/10 sen 12 sec/10 sen

For latest IDD Tariff and Malaysia Direct Services, please visit our website.

Question & Answers

  1. Where can I use the Card?
    You can make calls from Telekom Malaysia's touch tone phone and public phones. You can even call back to Malaysia from abroad by using the Malaysia Direct Service in more than 40 countries (refer to the table). This card also can be used for fax and modems calls.

  2. What is the price of the card?
    You can purchase Ring Ring Card in RM20, RM50 and RM100.

  3. Where can I get the card?
    Get it from any Kedai Telekom or any outlet with a Ring Ring Card sign located nationwide

  4. Does the card come with any expiry date?
    Every card has its expiry date which is printed at the back of the card.

  5. Can I get refund for card lost?
    Please take care of your card, as it is non-refundable.

  6. If the card damaged or tampered, can I get refund?
    All cards sold are non-refundable unless damaged or tampered upon purchase. You can get replacement only from the outlet you purchased it.

  7. Will coins required at payphones overseas?
    Some payphones overseas require coins. This is usually refunded.

  8. Will there be any surcharges for call made from hotels?
    Some hotels may impose surcharges. Please check with the hotel before you make the call

  9. If you have any difficulty using Ring Ring Card, what should I do?
    For assistance within Malaysia, please call Freephone 1800 882 882, visit our website or write to:

    Telekom Malaysia Bhd
    Card Services
    Product Marketing TM Retail
    Level 20 North Wing,
    Menara Telekom
    Jalan Pantai Baharu
    50672 Kuala Lumpur


Click here for Malaysia Direct Access Code


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