Ozone Brochure

Not only clean! Must sterilize!!
The full sterilization disinfection safeguards your entire family health!

Life all around has filled the bacterium virus, you do not worry?
The water used is only unable to clean thoroughly, wants to disinfect the sterilization to fear the chemical agent remains
OzoneMixer ozone sterilization water faucet! Thorough disinfection sterilization! Creation health living conditions!

OzoneMixer Ozone Germicidal Faucet

  • Using innovation technology, three patents unique whole world.
  • 10 seconds simple installments, let in your family the common water faucet evolution for sterilize immediately the water faucet.
  • After international SGS and the Taiwan food industry research institute strict examination, the bactericidal coefficient reaches as high as 99.9%~100%.
  • The running water are most only then cleanly, the OzoneMixer ozone sterilization water faucet lets you have the continuously sterilization decontaminating solution
  • Moreover does not need to worry the chemicals remains and the pollution, disinfects thoroughly the sterilization! Creation health living conditions!
  • Application scope infinite, any you did not hope the bacterium remains multiplies, wants to sterilize the disinfection, also worried chemical agent residual, may sterilize the ozone water clean.