Ozone Mixer


  • Not only clean! Must sterilize! Fires the washing water Great Revolution comprehensively.
  • Using innovation technology, three patents unique whole world. The brand-new technology, lets your water used be more relieved.
  • Examines strictly after international SGS and the Taiwan The Food Industry Research and Development Institute (FIRDI) Measured that, the bactericidal coefficient reaches as high as 99.9%~100%.
  • 10 seconds simple installments, let in your family the common water faucet evolution for sterilize immediately the water faucet..
  • Not only may clean fruits and vegetables food. Regarding tableware knife and fork each kind of mess gear, even the kitchen cutting board, table, the cleaning rag all has the sterilization effect, lets you eat cleanly! More relieved!
  • The attendance washes the hands may prevent SARS and enteritis
  • The baby toy clean sterilization, the clothing sock disinfection, the cleaning rag swab eliminates the fungusĄ­Any you did not hope the bacterium remains multiplies, wants to sterilize the disinfection, also worried chemical agent residual, all may sterilize the ozone water clean.
  • Sterilizes the ozone water to rinse mouth to clean the teeth may eliminate the tooth seam filthy fungus, may prevent the mouth broken tongue rotten perleche.
  • The OzoneMixer sterilization water faucet flows out the sterilization water, the Candida Albicans regarding the woman (leucorrhea), the bactericidal coefficient reaches as high as 100%.
  • Moreover does not need to worry the chemicals remains and the pollution, disinfects thoroughly the sterilization! Creation health living conditions!
1. Voltage: DC 12VMicroprocessor control.
2. Power consumption: 3.8Watts
3. Power source switch: Conforms to UL the CE security standard.
4. Control system: Patent current of water impetus air current.
5. Indicating lamp: The power source is green LED. The ozone is red LED.
6. Safety device:
A. direct current DC the 12V use is extremely safe.
B. internals completely EPOXY seal
C. special circuit element temperature rise auto-induction adjustment
D. power source switch safe load protection.
7. The ozone measures 50mg/hr~500mg/hr. May depend on the customer demand manufacture.
8. Size: 120 (L) * 80 (W) * 67 (H) mm