Odor Removal : Eliminate all kinds of odors, such as nicotine smell from cigarettes. ammonia smell from toilet, smell from pets and other bad smell.

Bacteria & Virus : Can effectivery kill bacteria and infectious virus such as bacillus coli mildew virus ...... etc.

Neutralizing Agent : Able to neutralize allergic and toxic material in the air such as exhaust smoke, toxic chemical gas ...... etc
Special Features

- 24 hours direct operating time
- 8 way regulated auto timer
- No maintenance, No replacement parts
- Low power consumption
- Compact & Stylish look
- Coverage up to 500 sq ft
- One year warranty
Models : Ozoniser
  • Ideal for toilet, changing room, living hall, clinic, smoking room ... etc.
Models : Ozoniser
  • Ideal for all types of vehicles
Product Specification
Located at Wall mount / table top
Power Supply 240VAC 50HZ
Consumption 10 watt
Dimensions 23cm x 17cm x 7cm
Weight Approx 1KG
Ozone output 0.05 PPM
Made Malaysia (German Tech)

Price RM 398

Sales Hot Line: 1700-80-5555