SMS Bill

4D Project SMS Billing

* Banner Deposit RM 150
( Refund When Sales Hit RM 150 Monthly )
* Per SMS Sharing Profit RM 0.05
* Yearly Target 100 Persons Up To 5 Years


Premium SMS Billing

What is Reverse Billing SMS Solutions (Premium)

Reverse Billing or Premium SMS Solution is an interactive (two-way) SMS solution. Interactive because mobile phone users can request for a particular service and receive a response accordingly. With premium SMS solutions, Mobile phone users can stay connected to what they view as essential information -- be it stock prices, flight delays, World Cup scores, or the latest soap opera plot twist.

What we are offering

SuperLink SMS Gateway is a facility which allows business enterprises / content provider (content provider) to provide premium sms solutions. SuperLink SMS Gateway has direct connections to all 3 telecommunication companies in Malaysia Maxis, Celcom and DiGi.

We provide the infrastructure set-up where content provider can conveniently and easily integrate their applications/solutions which allows companies to have a quick startup and ?and effectively generate revenue quickly from their service/content. This approach eliminate content provider from the complexity of managing connectivity and billing requirement for each mobile operator.

Content provider role is to provide the application/services and integrate it with SuperLink SMS Gateway to activate premium SMS solutions. Once integrated, content provider will be able to receive SMS messages from mobile phone subscribers from shortcode (5 digit number) and will be able to response accordingly by sending back a charging message for the service performed.

If content provider have the idea or content but does not have the executing applications, we can also handle all aspects of application development in-house and facilitate content provider with quick startup

SMS Applications supported:


Network Topology

Introductory Price for Premium SMS service
a) Monthly Access Fee - RM 500
b) Setup Fee - RM 5,000
c) Connected Telcos: (012, 013, 014, 016, 017, 019)
d) One Keyword provided subject to availability. - RM 1000 Yearly
e) Profit Sharing - SuperLink 30%
Optional: Own ShortCode = RM 3000 Monthly Rental & Profit Sharing - Superlink 30%

(inclusive of shared short code rental and access)

Ready Made Applications for Premium SMS
are available, please contact our Sales Consultant for details.

Call: 019-4597777, Email: