Virtual Credit Card


Neccessary Information

Internet Shopping Assist Payment

Web Address, Product Name,
Code & Price

How Can We Help You To Purchase Online Goods If You Do Not Have Credit Card?

SMS: Web Address, Product Name, Code & Price
To: 012-8943111, 016-8584111, 019-8367111

  • All the price will convert to US Dollar 1USD = RM4.00 (Currency Rate Will Change Without Prior Notice)

Example:, Mini Drive, 96433545, USD 50

  • Our Customer Service Send SMS To Confirm The Order:
    Please Reply: Confirm, Product Name, Code & Amount. Then We Will Process The Order.
  • Our System Will Deduct Your Money From Your Account + RM30 Admin Charge + Delivery Charge.
  • Member Will Receive A Confirmation SMS + Order Number + Expected Receive Date.

*** Top Up Points Will Be Pull Back When Use Your Account For Mobile Payment Because This Is None Commercial Items

Commission For Virtual Credit Card

Virtual Credit Card Top Up
Every RM10
15 Points