Multi Purpose Food & Water Sterilizer (Ozonizer)


  • Compact & portable
  • Digital timer control
  • Soft touch button
  • Splash proof
  • Low power consumption
  • User-friendly

* Tested and approved by CE
Applications of CBC 18 Ozoniser

Vegetable and Fruit - Detoxify agriculture chemicals, pesticides, parasites, larva and get rids of unpleasant odors.
Meat and Fish 每 Eliminate unhealthy meat hormones and preservatives. Create better taste after this treatment.

Drinking Water 每 Most effective way to kill bacteria and other micro-organisms in the water, such as E.Colli, Salmonella,Bacillus Coli, Typhoid Bacilli, Staphy Lococci and food pathogens.

Beauty purposes 每 Disinfects and cleans water for washing face, teeth, gum, hair, bathing and reduce allergy.

Skin diseases 每 Help to treat most of the skin related diseases, such as athlete foot (Hong Kong foot), wound and cuts.

Sterilization 每 Kitchen utensils, dishes, refrigerator, rags, sponges, baby bottles, children*s toys and clothes, thus protecting whole family from bacteria and fungi infections ( eg. Salmonella, E.Colli, mould , etc )

Purification 每 Fish tank, making aquarium fish healthy and protecting it from harmful bacteria infection and fungus growth.

Preserve Freshness 每 Treats fruit, vegetable, meat and fish with ozonated water and keep into refrigerator for more freshness.

Remove Odors 每 Pet*s odors, carpet smell , paint, refrigerator, store room cockroach smell, urine, smoke, etc.

Air Purification 每 Purify and make indoor air clean, smooth and fresh. Habitats ( like bacteria, viruses, fungus and mould ) that live inside the air-conditioning fins will be killed when ozone passes through it.

Test report shows the CBC18 Ozoniser can remove up to 99% of the bacteria, pesticides and antibiotics.

Some Facts You Must Know

1. Foods that we eat today may contains high content of agricultural chemicals or pesticides.

2. Meats and fish we eat everyday may contains high level of antibiotics, growth stimulants and ban preservatives.

3. The enhancing substances are used deliberately in order to satisfy the growing markets demand.

4. Consumer Association of United States report indicates that if a child consume too much of contaminated foods, the nervous system can be affected and damaged.

5. The World Labour Organization state that the usage of agricultural chemicals and pesticides has dramatically increased from 65 million tons to more than 400 million tons in a short span of year.

6. American Food & Drug Association (FDA) issued several reports in 1988 indicating that, in every 150,000 cancer patients, 20% of them are affected by cancer causing agricultural chemicals.

7. Presently, ozone is regarded as the most effective way of sterilization by many technologically advance countries like Germany, England, France, Japan and USA.

8. Independent bodies like US Environment Protection Agency, US FDA, OSHA, USDA, FSIS, NACCP have certified the sterilizing purpose of Ozone.

Product Specification

Model CBC 18
Power 220 - 240 VAC 50Hz (15Watt)
Ozone Output 0.3ppm (400mg/a)
Dimension L247 x W 190 x H 65mm
Weight 1.8kg
Made Taiwan
Certifications CE