Air Sterilizer (O3)

* Tested and approved by CE
Applications of AP-8 Ozoniser


Odor Removal : Eliminate all kinds of odors, such as nicotine smell from cigarettes. ammonia smell from toilet, smell from pets and other bad smell.

Bacteria & Virus : Can effectivery kill bacteria and infectious virus such as bacillus coli mildew virus ...... etc.

Neutralizing Agent : Able to neutralize allergic and toxic material in the air such as exhaust smoke, toxic chemical gas ...... etc
Special Features

- 24 hours direct operating time
- 8 way regulated auto timer
- No maintenance, No replacement parts
- Low power consumption
- Compact & Stylish look
- Coverage up to 500 sq ft
- One year warranty
Models : AP-8
  • Ideal for toilet, changing room, living hall, clinic, smoking room ... etc.
Models : AP-8C
Ideal for all types of vehicles
Product Specification
Specifications AP-8 AP-8C
Located at Wall mount / table top Beneath the seat
Power Supply 240VAC 50HZ 12VDC
Consumption 10 watt 10 watt
Dimensions 23cm x 17cm x 7cm 23cm x 17cm x 7cm
Weight Approx 1KG Approx 0.9KG
Ozone output 0.05 PPM 0.05 PPM
Made Malaysia (German Tech) Malaysia (German Tech)
Retail Price RM 499.00

RM 399.00

Create a Healthy, fresh, bacteria free living environment

Timer Setting Table
Min 1 2 Min 3 4
1 Off Off 5 Off Off
3 Off On 10 Off On
12 On Off 15 On Off
18 On On 20 On On

Dip Switch
Recommended Timer Setting for Area Coverage (Standard height of 9')
Area (sq ft) 50 100 200 300 400 500
'ON' Time 1 Min 3 Min 3 Min 12 Min 12 Min 18 Min
'OFF' Time 20 Min 20 Min 10 Min 15 Min 10 Min 5 Min
NOTE : The recommended 'Timer Setting' is for normal conditions.
Recommended Timer Setting for Vehicles
Types of Vehicle Sedan 4x4 /MPV Medium Bus Long Bus
'ON' Time 1 Min 3 Min 3 Min 3 Min
'OFF' Time 20 Min 20 Min 15 Min 10 Min

NOTE : The best position to locate the machine is at the bottom of the seat.


Product Specification

Model CBC 18
Power 220 - 240 VAC 50Hz (15Watt)
Ozone Output 0.3ppm (400mg/a)
Dimension L247 x W 190 x H 65mm
Weight 1.8kg
Made Taiwan
Certifications CE