Panda TruPrevent? Personal 2005
Windows XP/2000 Pro/NT 4.0 ws/Me/98

"TruPrevent™ Personal 2005 represents a major advance in the proactive detection of new threats. Its behavioral analysis technology can identify worms and other malicious programs with no need for a previous identification of the threat or having to depend on updates." Bernardo Quintero. Hispasec.

"TruPrevent? Personal 2005 gives me real peace of mind. Some time ago my computer was infected by Sasser, even though I had an antivirus. Now I know my computer is properly protected and I don't have to worry about the same thing happening again." Oscar Fern¨˘ndez Gonz¨˘lez. Programmer.

Did you know that even if you have an antivirus, your computer could still be infected by unknown viruses? The new TruPrevent? Personal 2005 doubles your protection, defending your PC from the unknown viruses and intruders that traditional antivirus solutions can't detect.

Product designed specifically for users of antivirus products from developers other than Panda Software*, such as McAfee, Norton?

Panda Software users now have Platinum Internet Security 2005 and Titanium Antivirus 2005, which include TruPrevent? Technologies, at their disposal.

Key features

  • Essential reinforcement for your antivirus.
  • Detects and blocks unknown viruses and intruders.
  • Automatically and rapidly.
  • Technical Support 24 hours a day 365 days a year.
  • Technical Requirements.