Accept Credit Card For Any Visa Or Master Holder:
Transfer Fund Between Superlink Member:

The Benefits - Merchant
How It Works | Partner Banks
Here are the benefits you will enjoy when you become a MyMerchant.


A) Credit Card Holder
Accept any visa and master card holder
Service Charge 4.5%
Direct Receive Approval Code

B) MyMoney
Transfer The Money Between SuperLink Member:
SMS Command: TF*Password*Amount*Transferee*Description
Then Send To: 012-8960222, 016-8953222, 0198981222
Transfer Admin Charge RM1.00

No set-up costs!
Mobile Money requires absolutely zero investment on your end to set up. We've designed it so you can access it through your existing infrastructure:

Lower operating costs
You'll be charged a lower transaction fee with every transaction made at your outlet. Payments will be transferred to your account within 21 working days. Money management becomes easier, daily reconciliation is simpler, productivity is enhanced and running costs are reduced.

Convenience for you and your customer
Exact amounts can be paid with no need for small change, saving time at the counter. Your customer will receive payment confirmation instantly, as well as cash rebates and bonus points and discounts.

Peace of mind for you and your customer
The 9 levels of security that Mobile Money employs is trusted by some of the world's largest banks. So you can be very sure that it's very secure.

Safety for your premises
With Mobile Money, there is no physical exchanged of cash. The cash is transferred directly into your bank account. The lesser cash is in your shop, the safer it is for you.

Easy to manage
We provide you a set of very complete transaction details that are accessible through our website. These transaction details are designed to help you reconcile all your collections and sales, as well as to prevent fraud.

Our comprehensive tracking system also allows you to easily track your status in the banks.

More business opportunities
We make transaction easy, even when your customers are making payment remotely. This opens up new business channels through which you can promote your products and services.