Check out the latest 4D Results via SMS

Only for RM0.20 per SMS for every 4D result received.  

How To Subscribe:

  • You Must Be A RedTone User
  • Follow The Following Instruction:
Go to write message
Type subscription code
Send to 62123
Subcription Codes
Code Result
win All 4D Results
win m Magnum
win d 1+3D (Da Ma Cai)
win t Sports ToTo
win off Cancel All 4D Results

How to subscribe this service if I am not a RedTone user?

1. Order RedTone Prepaid Card
SMS: ord*4 digit password*product code
Example: ord*2828*RNJ*10

2. Register Your Mobile Number As RedTone User
Call: 03-76289888
The RedTone Call Center Will Call You Back: Then Key < *Pin > Press < # >

3. Now, you can subscribe 4D results by following the above instruction.

Commission For SuperLink Member

4D Result
Top Up Points